Services Pricing
Women's Haircut$75-85
Women's Haircut w/ Single Process Color$155-165
Women's Haircut w/ Single Process Color & Highlights$210-225
Women's Haircut w/ Partial Foil Highlights$175-190
Women's Haircut w/ Full Foil Highlights$200-215
Women's Haircut w/ Balayage Highlights$235
Men's Haircut$50-55
Men's Haircut w/ Single Process Color$125-130
Deva Curl Haircut$85-95
Deva Curl Style Session$50
Deva Curl Haircut w/ Pintura Highlights$235
Deva Curl Haircut w/ Single Process Color$165-175
Deva Curl Haircut w/ Single Process Color & Highlights$220-235
Deva Curl Haircut w/ Partial Foil Haircut$185-200
Deva Curl Haircut w/ Full Foil Haircut$210-225
Deva Curl Pintura Highlights$170
Single Process Color$120
Single Process Color & Highlights$175-180
Partial Foil Highlights$140-145
Full Foil Highlights$165-170
Balayage Highlights$190
Brazilian Blowout$260
Corrective ColorConsultation required

Services include appropriate finish services (i.e. blow-dry, Deva set)
*Prices are subject to change without notice and can vary depending on length and thickness of hair.