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Our Hair Care Philosophy

We believe that in addition to creating an incredible look, we must ensure our guests receive valuable information on how to maintain their hair's health and integrity. We want you to look and feel good every day in between visits - not just when you leave the salon. We promise to explain the products we use, and why we chose them specifically for YOU.

About Our Pricing: We have created a comprehensive list of packaged services to help our guests plan their visit. All package prices are "starting at" prices. We will absolutely customize a salon experience based on your hair's needs and your specific style goals.

For a comprehensive list of services - please visit our online reservation page.


Haircut (starting at $87)
all haircuts include a signature blowout
Haircut w/ Color Retouch (starting at $192)
the perfect match - every time
Haircut w/ Color Retouch + Custom Highlights (starting at $320)
a Mop Salon specialty!
Haircut w/ Custom Highlights / Balayage (starting at $256)
your custom color awaits


Color Retouch (starting at $150)
includes a signature blowout
Color Retouch + Custom Highlights (starting at $279)
sun-kissed and ready for anything
Custom Highlights / Balayage (starting at $215)
effortless dimension without damaging your hair


Brazilian Blowout ($325)
these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle
Deep Conditioning Treatment ($104)
your hairs health and integrity are our priority - we will formulate a custom treatment to meet your hair's specific needs
Signature Blowout (starts at $79)
please call salon for availability
Mop Hair Salon Boston Curly Hair


At Mop Hair Salon, we LOVE texture. Whether you are coiled, curly, wavy or anywhere in between - we have you covered. Working with our Curly guests is like a great leveler - we are committed to creating a safe space that is racially, gender and age diverse.

We do so much more than embrace the transactional science and technique behind curly hair - we also embrace the transformational, personal experience that we deliver to every guest.


Mop Signature Curl Haircut (starting at $102)
we take the best of all curl design techniques and customize them to achieve your specific look
Mop Signature Curl Haircut w/ Color Retouch (starting at $206)
Mop's curl design techniques + the perfect color match = good hair days
Mop Signature Curl Haircut w/ Pintura Highlights (starting at $271)
we will use the Pintura technique, specifically designed to highlight curls and coils
Mop Signature Curl Haircut w/ Color Retouch + Pintura Highlights (starting at $335)
you really can have it all - and we have just the technique to produce results you just can't get anywhere else
Mop Luxury Curly Cut (starting at $152)
Enjoy a custom formulated Hair Repair Treatment and our Signature Curl Cut.